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2019-20 ATO Season: Week 5

By USA Hockey, 10/04/19, 6:00AM MDT


QUESTION: Please provide additional clarity around rule 610c. The question is how the word deliberate is interpreted. For instance, if a Defenseman attempts to chip the puck off the glass in D zone but misses and the puck goes out of play. Player was under no specific duress, even strength, no need to stop play. Pee wee and squirt level. I have seen this rule/situation inconsistently applied as both a penalty and not.

ANSWER: For the purposes of Delay of Game, a penalty shall be assessed to any (skating) player who shoots the puck out of play for the purposes of gaining a stoppage. For further clarification, please go to and the use the links to access Rule 610 and the Casebook Situations.

QUESTION: Are smelling salts allowed at the high school level?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, we cannot answer this question at this forum since it does not involve the USA Hockey Playing Rules or Officiating. We recommend contacting your School Administration for further clarification.

QUESTION: How will I know when my exam is graded?

ANSWER: We recommend checking your online USA Hockey Courses Profile to check your registration status.
At the homepage, select the Registration Status link under the OFFICIALS tab. You will find the spot to sign into your USAH Courses profile at the Registration Status page.

QUESTION: Team A is shorthanded. During the penalty, a Team B player goes in on a breakaway. The Team B player is fouled from behind causing him to slide violently into the goal post. An injury resulted from the contact with the net. What’s the result?

ANSWER: In the event that a player is “fouled from behind” while on a break-a-way, and an injury results, the offending player should be assessed a Major plus Game Misconduct penalty for the infraction (“Hooking”, “Tripping”, etc.) and the non-offending team shall be awarded a penalty shot to replace the scoring opportunity.
Play shall resume 5 v. 3 after the penalty shot regardless of the outcome.

QUESTION: If a player needs to wear eyeglasses under his helmet & cage do they need to be sport glasses?

ANSWER: There are no type of restrictions on glasses worn by a player in the USA Hockey Playing Rules.

Check out the USA Hockey Online Rulebook! Enter into your web browser to gain instant access to the USA Hockey Playing Rules.