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2019-20 ATO Season: Week 4

By USA Hockey, 09/27/19, 6:00AM MDT


QUESTION: A player receives a penalty and is not listed on the scoresheet. The proper action to be taken by the officials is?

ANSWER: If a player is not listed on the score-sheet, but participates in the game, they must be added to the score-sheet (assuming there is room for an additional player) and the offending team is assessed a bench minor penalty (Rule 203a). Therefore, the offending player would serve his/her penalty, and an additional player from his/her team would enter the penalty bench to serve the bench minor penalty. Play would resume 5 v. 3.

QUESTION: May a player (not a goalie) legally participate in play while carrying or using a goalie stick?

ANSWER: A player may not participate in play with a goalkeeper stick since it does not conform to the legal measurements of a player’s stick.

QUESTION: Can we get some clarification on Rule 623: It seems there is a fine line between a stick check and a hook - can a stick check only be legal if the blade is not overturned? This has been a frequent point of contention in our upper-tier games, and there is no consensus among officials.

ANSWER: Stick-checks, Stick-lifts and Stick-presses are all legal plays as long as the contact occurs at the lower portion of the stick (near the blade). Any contact near the hands could be penalized for Hooking or Slashing.

QUESTION: We have two kids on our team with the same number one of them is the goaltender is this a problem?

ANSWER: Strictly speaking, Rule 203(b) mandates that all players must wear an “individually identifying” number on their sweater. However, in the case of a short supply of game sweaters it would be permissible for a skater and a goalkeeper to wear the same number. However, the goalkeeper should be listed as a different number on the score-sheet for clarity when identifying goals, assists and penalties.
That being said, this should only occur if there are no other options for game sweaters.

QUESTION: If a player is offside and his player dumps the puck into the offensive zone, but not shooting on goal and a player from the other team deflects the puck into the goal. Is it a goal or does the offside player make it a no goal situation?

ANSWER: A team cannot score a goal on an off-side play, regardless of how the puck entered the goal.