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2019-20 ATO Season: Week 2

By USA Hockey, 09/13/19, 6:00AM MDT


QUESTION: Three seconds left in a game and there is a face-off in one end of the rink. The team defending the goal had a penalty assessed, however they lined up five skaters for the face off (the team was confused and unaware that a penalty had been assessed). The officials did not notice that there was an extra skater and dropped the puck......ending the game.  What should be done?

ANSWER: In this situation the game would be declared over. This is obviously an unfortunate situation that really needs to be avoided at all costs, but the reality is coaches and officials make mistakes and we cannot just declare a “do over” every time something strange occurs.
Consider if this same situation occurred earlier in the game. Would the officials and teams replayed the 10 – 30 seconds of unfair on-ice strength…we doubt it.

QUESTION: An official in error gives a major and misconduct for a butt end. Realized the mistake after the game ends. What should they do?

ANSWER: In this situation, the officials should submit a Supplemental Discipline Report to their Supervisor of Officials. They may not change the score-sheet after the game.

The Supervisor will forward the report to the Local Hockey Association of the offending team and make sure the offending player serves his/her suspension that would come with the missed Game Misconduct.

QUESTION: If a player on the penalty bench remains there after the expiration of their penalty (while his/ her team is entitled to return to full strength) may the team place another skater on the ice as long as they remain in the penalty box?

ANSWER: Since all player substitutions must occur at the Team Bench, the team may not place an additional player on the ice without the other player being present to leave the ice. The team must continue to play 5 v. 4 until the penalized player returns to the Team Bench.

QUESTION: What is written on the scoresheet when a player is assessed a match penalty? 5 min, 10 min, or both? Rule 405a says 10 mins are assessed to player but 5mins goes on clock.

ANSWER: When a player is assessed a Match penalty, they are credited with 10 minutes in penalty time. However, Rule 405(a) also includes a 5 minute timed penalty to be served shorthanded by the team. This five minutes penalty does not get written on the score-sheet; it is only served by the team. For scorekeeping purposes, the only item that needs to go on the score-sheet in the Match penalty and 10 minutes of penalty time.

QUESTION: At 1:50 of the online seminar class entitled "Determining Face Off Locations" it states that a hand-pass in the attacking zone results in a face-off in the neutral zone. Rule 618b says last play without territorial advantage. An attacking player hand passes from the goal line to the end zone face off dot. Where is the face off?

ANSWER: Any time a hand-pass is committed by the Attacking Team in their Attacking Zone, the face-off must be located at the nearest Neutral Zone face-off spot outside the Attacking Zone.
The spirit of Rule 618(b) is to not award an advantage to an offending team if they initiate the hand-pass in the Neutral Zone further towards their Attacking Zone than where the pass is received. Typically the face-off locations for hand-passes in the Neutral Zone are where the hand-pass was initiated, however the USA Hockey Playing Rules prevent this when a puck is hand-passed backwards toward the Defending Zone.