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2019-20 ATO Season: Week 1

By USA Hockey, 09/06/19, 6:00AM MDT


QUESTION:  Is a suspended player or coach required to be present at the game(s) the are suspended for?  If so, where can they be in relation to the players bench?

ANSWER: In regard to your question about suspensions, a suspended player is not required to be present at the game he/she is suspended for.

If the suspended player is present at the game, he/she should not have any contact with his team during the game. They may sit in the stands or any place a good distance from the team bench.

QUESTION: My Adult team was skating with five players (no subs) against a team with a full bench. After the whistle, two players get into a small scrap and the referee gives them offsetting minors. We have no substitute to play 5 v. 5. How should the game proceed?

ANSWER: If a team is competing with only five skaters plus a goalkeeper and receives a coincidental penalty (cannot replace the player on the ice), they shall be permitted to play 5 v. 4 with no privilege of icing the puck (as if it were normal even-strength).

QUESTION: Adult leagues. What is the rule about removing ones helmet AFTER the game is over? Say for instance in the handshake line? Or leaving ice surface?

ANSWER: All players and officials are expected to wear their helmets while on the ice at all times. While removing a helmet during a handshake might seem like a nice gesture, the reality is accidents occur (catch a rut, bump into another player, etc.) and the resulting fall could result in a major injury or worse.

QUESTION: A second misconduct (on one player) is called in a game, which should be a game misconduct. What is the proper procedure if the correct call was missed and play resumes?

ANSWER: If a player receives a second misconduct penalty (for any reason) during a game, the player shall be assessed a Game Misconduct in lieu of the second misconduct and removed from the game.

If the second misconduct is not immediately noticed and the game officials catch the mistake later in the same, then player must be removed as soon as the officials realize the mistake.

QUESTION: Are 10U girls required to wear a mouth-guard?

ANSWER: The USA Hockey Playing Rules strongly recommend mouth-pieces at the 10 & Under (Youth & Girls) level and below. However they are only required at the 12 & Under (Youth & Girls) level and above.