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USA Hockey Mobile Coach

USA Hockey Mobile Coach

Take USA Hockey's coaching materials to the rink, on the road or wherever else you wish with the USA Hockey Mobile Coach. Find practice plans, skills manuals, videos, a mobile rulebook and more.

What's New

  • Groundbreaking practice plan analyzer runs your practice plan against ADM benchmarks to see if your plan is age-appropriate. Tool provides data, graphic chart and recommended changes as well.
  • Goaltender activity tracker including shot/save tracker that breaks down performance by zone for improved instruction and goaltender development.
  • Improved activity tracker with easy timers and buttons.
  • Whiteboard upgrade to make tool fully functional on tablets AND phones.
  • Overhaul to app navigation to better organize tools and content.
  • More content than ever before, featuring more than 100 new FREE drills, videos and manuals.

Mobile Coach 4.0 Debuts


Getting Started

Step 1: Find the Mobile Coach application in the Apple App Store or on Google Play! Download and install

App Login: Login is not required to access the app or the majority of the content. An app account will give you access to the practice plan designer and analyzer as well as the activity tracker.

In-App Purchase: More than 400 videos within the app are available for free. To purchase more than 800 more, click "buy" on any single video and complete the in-app purchase for $8.99. That single purchase will unlock all of the video library.

Available on phones and iPad. One app login accesses multiple devices.

Available on phones and tablets. One app login accesses multiple devices.

App Tutorials

Practice Plan Designer & Analyzer Tutorial

Player & Goaltender Activity Tracker Tutorial

Coaching News