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Level 3 Recertification

* Maintenance Update *

The new USA Hockey e-Learning System, which includes the USA Hockey Coaching Education Program Age Specific Modules and Level 3 Recertification courses, is beginning to roll out to members.

If you paid for a course in the old system please check your email for an invitation to resume in the new platform.

Phase Three - Week of February 11 (all coaches registered with USA Hockey for the 2018-19 season who were not currently in process with any module for this season)

Level 3 Recertification is NOT included in this roll-out plan and will be updated at a later date.

Thank you - USA Hockey

Level 3 Recertification--End of Year Note

Coaches must complete the Level 3 Recertification by December 31 in order to count for the 2018-19 season.

Any courses completed January 1 or later will be held until after May 1 for the following season. Once you register for the 2019-20 season, your certification will update for that season. 

 Important Notes to read BEFORE registering:

  1. Coaches MUST be current members of USA Hockey to receive USA Hockey certification credit.

  2. You can recertify your Level 3 certification only twice. Please check the online certification list BEFORE registering for this program. If you have three or more Level 3 certifications listed, you are NOT eligible to complete this program. You will need to attend a Level 4 clinic to update your certification status.
  3. ALL districts require coaches to have current certification prior to January 1 of the current coaching season. The program must be completed by January 1 in order to receive credit for the current season. Programs completed after January 1 will be held until after May 1 for the following season. The certification will be updated automatically after registering for the new season.

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