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Level 3 Recertification

Level 3 Recertification--End of Year Note

Coaches must complete the Level 3 Recertification by December 31 in order to count for the 2019-20 season.

Any courses completed January 1 or later will be held until after May 1 for the following season. Once you register for the 2020-21 season, your certification will update for that season. 

 Important Notes to read BEFORE registering:

  1. Coaches MUST be current members of USA Hockey to receive USA Hockey certification credit.

  2. You can recertify your Level 3 certification only twice. Please check the online certification list BEFORE registering for this program. If you have three or more Level 3 certifications listed, you are NOT eligible to complete this program. You will need to attend a Level 4 clinic to update your certification status.
  3. ALL districts require coaches to have current certification prior to January 1 of the current coaching season. The program must be completed by January 1 in order to receive credit for the current season. Programs completed after January 1 will be held until after May 1 for the following season. The certification will be updated automatically after registering for the new season.

The new USA Hockey e-Learning System, which includes the USA Hockey Coaching Education Program Age Specific Modules and Level 3 Recertification courses, is available to all users.

Log into your Coaching profile to begin:

1. Log in using your email address and password

2. If you cannot log in, choose forgot password, if that doesn't work contact Support at
1-800-566-3288 ext. 123

3. Once logged browse to your profile and then click the link for Age Specific Modules or Level 3 Recertification. If you are returning to a module choose the "Courses In Progress." 

4. If you choose a new online course you will be prompted to pay. Follow the payment steps. You will verify the details and advance to confirmation. Once confirmed you will be advanced to your course.

Thank you - USA Hockey

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