Official's Participant Accident (Excess Medical) Claims
All claims reports should be made to the injured official's primary personal or group health insurance company first, for a determination of possible benefits. Only after the injured official has reported the injury to their primary provider, may they notify their District Referee-In-Chief or K&K Insurance Claims Center at: K&K Insurance Claims Center: (800) 237-2917 - select option 1. Unless they notify the District Referee-In-Chief, their claim will not be processed. Telephone numbers and address for District Referees-in-Chief may be found on the website

Please Note: Complete listing of District Referees-in-Chief can be found in District Referees-in Chief Directory

Official's Catastrophic Injury Claims
It is extremely important that anyone knowing of an actual (or possible) catastrophic injury to an official immediately notify the District Risk Manager and the District Referee-in-Chief. The immediate notice helps to ensure a prompt response from USA Hockey, and from our insurance claims personnel, to assist the injured person and their family members, as needed.