If ever anyone advises you that someone other than a registered member of USA Hockey, has an actual or potential claim arising out of an incident or an injury, or arising out of a possible dispute between USA Hockey members, you should notify your District Risk Manager promptly. The District Risk Manager will notify the appropriate member(s) of USA Hockey's National Office Staff, and will conduct any necessary preliminary investigation.

NOTE: All registered members of USA Hockey are required to adhere to the Rules, Regulations and By-Laws of USA Hockey, as amended by the Board of Directors, including the provisions for arbitration as an exclusive remedy for disputes ( BYLAWS ARTICLE 10 RESOLUTIONS OF DISPUTES, ARBITRATION, AND SUSPENSIONS).


If any member of USA Hockey, its Districts, Affiliates, leagues, teams, or any of its local associations are served with any lawsuit, civil summons, or other legal papers, they must immediately notify the District Risk Manager. Failure to notify USA Hockey immediately may jeopardize the applicable legal times for a response, and could be grounds for the insurance company to deny coverage for the legal action involved. DO NOT TAKE ANY CHANCES, CALL PROMPTLY.


  1. Make a copy of the accident claim for prompt investigation and review.
  2. Determine category for possible coverage of the type of incident/injury.
  3. Notify USA Hockey's insurance carrier and/or broker of incident/injury.
  4. Forward a copy of incident report to carrier's claims unit and to District Risk Manager, who forwards to other appropriate agency/persons.
  5. District Risk Manager, as necessary, may conduct a follow up investigation to determine:
    1. Complete facts and circumstances of incident or injury;
    2. Existence of hardship situations that may be involved; and
    3. Potential for recurrence of the incident or injury.