• To access the Open Book Exam please start by logging into your USAH Courses Profile by clicking here
  • Once signed in click the link for the USA Hockey eLearning System or “Open Book Exam” on the Courses home screen or at your Profile Officiating Information screen to sign you into the eLearning System.
  • Once signed into the USAH eLearning System, find the Open Book Exam that matches your registered USAH Officiating Level and select it
  • Enroll in the eLearning Open Book Exam course and begin
  • If you sign out of the eLearning System, you will need to return to your USAH Courses Profile to re-enter the system.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If you encounter a message stating you are ineligible for the exam, please confirm you selected the Exam Level that matches your Membership Registration.
  • Be sure to answer all questions before submitting your exam for scoring. Missed questions will be scored as incorrect”.
  • It is strongly recommended that all officials print a hard copy of their exam to review with their USAH Rule Book prior to entering their answers online for scoring. Use your web browser’s Print function to print your exam.