• To access the elearning system please start by logging into your USAH Courses Profile by clicking here
  • Once signed in click the link for the USA Hockey eLearning System on the Courses home screen or at your Profile Coaching Information screen to sign you into the eLearning System.
  • Once signed into the USAH eLearning System, find the module you want to take and sign up!
  • If you sign out of the eLearning System, you will need to return to your USAH Courses Profile to re-enter the system.

If you need further help contact Support at
1-800-566-3288 ext. 123

Once logged in select an age module. If you are returning to a module choose the "Courses In Progress." 

If you choose a new module you will be prompted to pay. Follow the payment steps. You will verify the details and advance to confirmation. Once confirmed you will be advanced to your age module.