United States Hockey League

Name Team USHL Team(s)
Clay Anderson Harvard Cedar Rapids
Adam Baughman Harvard Indiana
Cal Burke Notre Dame Cedar Rapids
Will Butcher Denver Dubuque
Dawson Cook Notre Dame Green Bay
Kevin Conley Denver Youngstown
Michael Davies Denver Waterloo
Nick Deery Minnesota Duluth Lincoln
Tory Dello Notre Dame Tri-City
Ryan Donato Harvard Omaha
Dylan Gambrell Denver Dubuque
Dennis Gilbert Notre Dame Chicago
Cameron Gornet Harvard Sioux City
Jordan Gross Notre Dame Green Bay
Brad Hawkinson Denver Lincoln
Jarod Hilderman Minnesota Duluth Fargo
Blake Hillman Denver Waterloo
Jake Horton Harvard Waterloo
Connor Hurley Notre Dame Muskegon
Green Bay
Alex Iafallo Minnesota Duluth Fargo
Evan Janssen Denver Dubuque
Jack Jenkins Notre Dame Fargo
Des Moines
Adam Johnson Minnesota Duluth Sioux City
Peter Krieger Minnesota Duluth Waterloo
Nathan Krusko Harvard Omaha
Karson Kuhlman Minnesota Duluth Dubuque
John Marino Harvard Tri-City
Tyson McLellan Denver Madison
Hunter Miska Minnesota Duluth Dubuque
Dan Molenaar Minnesota Duluth Sioux City
Green Bay
Cale Morris Notre Dame Waterloo
Cam Morrison Notre Dame Youngstown
Sean Mostrom Denver Fargo
Tyler Moy Harvard Omaha
Bobby Nardella Notre Dame Tri-City
Sioux City
Logan O'Connor Denver Sioux Falls
Mike O'Leary Notre Dame Dubuque
Andrew Oglevie Notre Dame Cedar Rapids
Jacob Olson Harvard Sioux City
Kyle Osterberg Minnesota Duluth Omaha
Ben Ostlie Notre Dame Omaha
Andrew Peeke Notre Dame Green Bay
Ty Pelton-Byce Harvard Des Moines
Cal Petersen Notre Dame Waterloo
Avery Peterson Minnesota Duluth Sioux City
Neal Pionk Minnesota Duluth Sioux City
Emil Romig Denver Indiana
Jared Thomas Minnesota Duluth Sioux City
Dominic Toninato Minnesota Duluth Fargo
Riley Tufte Minnesota Duluth Fargo
Joe Wegwerth Notre Dame Cedar Rapids
Green Bay
Matt VanVoorhis Denver Sioux Falls
Nick Wolff Minnesota Duluth Des Moines
Phil Zielonka Harvard Omaha

Eleven players have won the USHL Anderson Cup, significant of the league’s regular season champion, including Denver’s Kevin Conley (Youngstown - 2015), Dylan Gambrell (Dubuque - 2013), Evan Janssen (Dubuque - 2013), and Tyson McLellan (Waterloo - 2014); Harvard’s Jake Horton (Waterloo - 2014); Minnesota Duluth’s Peter Krieger (Waterloo - 2014), Karson Kuhlman (Dubuque - 2013) and Dan Molenaar (Green Bay - 2012); and Notre Dame’s Cal Burke (Cedar Rapids - 2016), Jordan Gross (Green Bay - 2012) and Cal Petersen (Waterloo - 2014).

Seven players helped their USHL teams win the Clark Cup, significant of the league’s playoff champion, including Denver’s Will Butcher (Dubuque - 2011), Dylan Gambrell (Dubuque - 2013), Evan Janssen (Dubuque - 2013) and Logan O’Connor (Sioux Falls - 2015); Harvard’s John Marino (Tri-City - 2016); Minnesota Duluth’s Karson Kuhlman (Dubuque - 2013) and Notre Dame’s Tory Dello (2016 - Tri-City) and Jordan Gross (Green Bay - 2012).

Additionally, eight other players skated in the Clark Cup Finals, including Denver’s Tyson McLellan (Waterloo - 2014); Harvard’s Jake Horton (Waterloo - 2014); Minnesota Duluth’s Hunter Miska (Dubuque - 2016), Peter Krieger (Waterloo - 2014) and Dominic Toninato (Fargo - 2013) and Notre Dame’s Mike O’Leary (Dubuque - 2016) and Cal Petersen (Waterloo - 2012, 2014).

In 2015-16, Cam Morrison (Notre Dame) was named USHL Rookie of the Year while Neal Pionk (Minnesota Duluth) was recognized as USHL Defenseman of the Year in 2014-15.

University of Denver Head Coach Jim Montgomery led Butcher to the 2011 Clark Cup, and Gambrell, Janssen and Kuhlman’s 2013 Anderson and Clark Cup championships were under Montgomery.