USA Hockey Excellence in Safety Award

The Excellence in Safety Award recognizes an individual(s) who has made outstanding contributions through many years of service to make hockey a safer game for all participants. This could include contributing to decrease the risk for injury or promoting safety on the playing surface by working in the field(s) of medicine, epidemiology, psychology, kinesiology, physiology, chemistry, physics or engineering. 

Year Name Hometown
2023 Dr. Phil Johnson Fargo, N.D.
2022 Jason Hodges New Baltimore, Mich.
2021 Dave Crandell Needham, Mass.
2020 Mark Aubry Ottawa, Ont.
2019 Bill Meehan Waltham, Mass.
2018 Jaime Campbell Vacaville, Calif.
2018 Steve Laing Long Beach, Calif.
2017 Dr. Rick Greenwald Norwich, Vt.
2016 Dr. Elizabeth Pieroth Elmhurst, Ill.
2015 Dr. Charles "Chip" J. Burke Pittsburgh, Penn.
2014 Dr. Carolyn Emery Calgary, Alta.
2013 Doug Abrams Columbia, Mo.
2012 Dr. Charles Tator Toronto, Ont.
2011 Dr. Aynsley Smith Rochester, Minn.
2010 Dr. Mark R. Lovell Pittsburgh, Pa.
2008 Dr. Michael Stuart Rochester, Minn.
2007 Dr. Alan Ashare Chestnut Hill, Ma.
2006 Dr. Cos Castaldi West Hartford, Conn.
2006 Dr. Earl Hoerner North Andover, Mass.
2006 Dr. Dewey Morehouse State College, Pa.
2006 Dr. Paul Vinger Concord, Mass.
2005 Dr. George Nagobads Edina, Minn.