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Incident Report


Thank you for submitting your Game Report using the USA Hockey Online Game Report System. This system is set-up to provide officials with an easy method to submit game reports to League and Affiliate administrators.

To access the system, please log in below to your Profile (similar to registering for a seminar), and click the link for your Incident Report at the welcome page.

Please note, your reports will automatically be forwarded to Local Supervisors and Affiliate Representatives and used in disciplinary hearing. Please review your information (facts, spelling, etc.) before submitting the report.

If you have questions regarding a team's USA Hockey Affiliate, please consult the Affiliate Directory of the USAH Annual Guide Book (pg. 274) which is located under the ABOUT tab at the homepage.

PLAYER SEARCHES: When searching for a player's USAH Confirmation Number, we suggest initially keeping the search as broad as possible (Last Name and State) and using the Hometown and Birth Year to identify the player. 

COACH SEARCHES: Some coaches coach multiple teams at multiple levels of the game, therefore we strongly recommend keeping initial searches broad (Last Name and State).

Officials Profile Login

IMPORTANT NOTE: This link will direct you to the new USA Hockey Courses system, which will provide access to the Game Report System after you have signed in. This new system requires officials to have a profile set up. If you have created a profile (for seminar registration or checking your registration status) then you only need to sign into the system.

After you sign in, click "My Profile" followed by "Officiating Information" to find the link to the Incident Reporting system.


Use the video to learn more about the Game Report Process.

Please contact your USA Hockey Local Supervisor of Officials or District Referee-in-Chief with any questions.

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