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The Hockey IntelliGym

Training Hockey Sense At Home With The Hockey IntelliGym®

The Hockey IntelliGym® is an award-winning training program that improves players’ on-ice performance by boosting their decision-making skills. IntelliGym is easy-to-use software that can be used at home with a standard computer (Windows/Mac) and requires a total of an hour a week.

The IntelliGym utilizes patented technology that was initially created to train fighter pilots on the cognitive brain level. A collaborative effort of USA Hockey and Applied Cognitive Engineering yielded the Hockey IntelliGym®, which was specifically adapted to train hockey-sense skills.

The Hockey IntelliGym addresses a large variety of brain skills that are found to be strongly related to on-ice performance such as anticipation, ability to find open ice, divided attention, awareness, long term focus and concentration, positioning, team play, working memory (needed to process trajectories that take place in hidden areas, such as behind the player), rapid adaptation to changing environment and the ability to spot evolving opportunities, pattern recognition, execution of game plan, and coping with time constraints. Training these skills results much better decisions and substantially less mistakes.

The program was designed and tested, by USA Hockey together with Applied Cognitive Engineering, for players all the way from 10 year olds to pros. It adjusts automatically and continually to each individual's strengths and weaknesses, and was created in a game-like atmosphere, keeping it engaging and fun for players.

The IntelliGym® was adopted by over 50,000 players, teams, associations and hockey programs, including USA Hockey's National Team Development Program. It was shown significant on-ice results and was selected as the grand prize recipient in the Brain Fitness Innovation Awards.

The success of the Hockey IntelliGym has been reviewed by major media outlets, including the New York Times, ESPN and Sports Illustrated. 

U.S. U18 National Team players during a Hockey IntelliGym workout

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