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The Hockey IntelliGym

1. How is using the IntelliGym™ different from playing video games? 
While video games were designed for fun, the IntelliGym was built as a workout room for the mind. Would anyone compare a jungle gym to a nautilus machine, even though they both provide exercise?

The IntelliGym™ training program was designed from the bottom up – with the sole goal of improving hockey sense, and is based on solid scientific grounds.  This SaaS (Software as a Service) product cognitively simulates the game in real time at your home computer, but there is no storyboard and no fantasy graphics; the goal is to integrate the details of the game into a player's barest attention, until anticipating plays becomes deeply instinctive for him. Most importantly, the program is individually tailored to each player's strengths and weaknesses, tracking progress and adapting to his new level of play as he develops his hockey mind. 

2. How long does it usually take to see results? 
The IntelliGym™ program has shown great results on the ice after about 10-15 thirty-minute training sessions (2 sessions a week, for about 5-8 weeks.) 

3. Are there additional benefits to using the IntelliGym™? 
Many of the skills developed by the training program do indeed have a bearing on other aspects of life such as studying or driving. Many parents reported improvement in their children’s school performance, as well. However, these results have not been scientifically measured yet, so we don’t advertise these benefits.

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