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SafeSport Training FAQs

1. Do I need to take the SafeSport Training every season?

No, SafeSport Training and the Refresher Course Training are valid for two (2) seasons.  Thus if you completed training for the 2016-17 season, your training is valid for the 2016-17 and 2017-18 seasons and you would not need to take the Refresher training until the 2018-19 season.  If you took the training during the 2015-16 season you WILL need to take the Refresher course (shorter in duration) for this 2017-18 season.

2. How do I register for the SafeSport Training?

Instructions on how to register and access the training courses can be found here.

3. How do I access the Refresher Training?

You can access the Refresher training by signing back in to the training site here.

4. How do I access the Refresher course? When I log on to the training site it says all my courses are complete and there is no expiration date.

No expiration dates are or will be listed for courses on the US Olympic Committee training site. Our SafeSport policy states that SafeSport Training is valid for two (2) seasons. If you are not automatically directed to the Refresher course, you can still go to the Store tab, add SafeSport Refresher Course to bag, checkout (free), activate and launch course to complete this requirement.

5. How come I didn’t receive credit for completing the Parent SafeSport Training Course?

While we strongly encourage all parents to complete the Parent SafeSport course, it does not satisfy the training requirement for coaches, officials, or other volunteers/administrators.  Instructions on how to register and access the Parent SafeSport training can be found here.

6. What do I do if I receive a “verification” error when I enter my USA Hockey confirmation number or referee number?

Please be sure to use your CURRENT USA Hockey confirmation number. Sometimes when you copy and paste your number there is an added space at the end. If you are a referee, please use your referee number and last name only (be sure confirmation number field is blank). Please make sure there are NO SPACES before or after the confirmation number or referee number.  Also, you might receive an error if you are using your child’s USA Hockey confirmation number as individuals under 18 years of age are not required to complete the training for coaching or officiating.

7. Why did I receive "An error occurred starting the course (Error code 3)?"

This error occurs when you have had a course that has not been completed in one year. You can still go to the Store tab, add the course required (USA Hockey SafeSport or SafeSport Refresher course), checkout, activate and launch course.

8. Can I use the same email address as someone else in my family to complete the SafeSport Training?

No, since an email address can be used to login for training, the same email address cannot be used to register multiple persons for SafeSport Training.  You will need to use a separate email address for the training.

9. How come I didn’t receive an email after I completed the SafeSport Training?

You will not receive an email notification once you complete the training.  Your SafeSport Completion certificate is proof that you have completed the course.

10. How do I obtain a copy of my SafeSport Completion certificate?

  • Log in on website:
  • Click on “Your Courses”
  • Click on USA Hockey SafeSport Course or SafeSport Refresher Course
  • Click on “download certificate” (underneath the “launch course” button)
  • Save and print certificate

Please note that certificates of completion cannot be downloaded on tablets or mobile devices.

11. How will my program know that I completed SafeSport Training?

Information from the training site is automatically downloaded to the USA Hockey database on a nightly basis.   Local program registrars will also be able to check (through the USA Hockey Registry) to see if coaches/managers/volunteers in their association have completed SafeSport Training and it will be indicated on team rosters.  If you are a referee, SafeSport Training will be indicated on your referee profile, though it can take a few days for this to appear on your profile.

12. What if the SafeSport training is not appearing on my USA Hockey Courses page?

Please make sure that information is being uploaded for the current 17-18 season.  You can check by logging in here

  1. Go to My Profile

  2. Click on Settings (wheel icon next to ? towards top right) and make sure Season is 2017-18.

  3. If yes, go to Step 4 below, if not, click on Update Memberships to enter your 2017-18 USA Hockey Confirmation Number.

  4. Go to My Profile and hit refresh button (next to Profile Last Updated).  

  5. Go to Coaching Information (under My Profile) and you should see SafeSport Verification with a green check mark as verified.

13. What if the training won’t start or it freezes?

The course videos require Adobe Flash Player when being viewed on desktop and laptop computers.  It is possible that your network administrator or ISP is blocking Vimeo videos.  You can test this by clicking here.  If the video does not play then you will want to contact your network administrator or ISP to have them allow Vimeo, or you will need to take the training from another location.