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    Youth Feature of the Week

    Ice Forum a Dixie Hockey Magnet

    02/09/2016, 11:00am MST
    By Mike Scandura - Special to

    Atlanta-based association growing skills, participation and fun

    ADM News

    14U/16U Q-and-A: Fueling for Success

    02/08/2016, 3:30pm MST
    By Joe Bonnett

    Featured Drill

    8U, 10U, 12U: Air It Out Drill

    02/01/2016, 10:45am MST
    By USA Hockey

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    18 Teams Crowned Champions at Pond Hockey Nationals

    02/09/2016, 4:45pm MST

    2016 Labatt Blue/USA Hockey Championship Successfully Celebrated in Eagle River, Wisconsin

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    Pond Hockey Players Revel in Return to Dollar Lake

    02/08/2016, 8:45am MST
    By Greg Bates - Special to

    11th Annual Labatt Blue/USA Hockey Pond Hockey Nationals A Smashing Success

    Host Sites Announced for 2016 National Championships

    11/03/2014, 5:15pm MST
    By USA Hockey

    Titles to be contested at 10 sites nationwide

    Pond Hockey Nat'l Championships Start Friday

    02/04/2016, 9:00am MST

    2016 Labatt Blue/USA Hockey Event will be held in Eagle River, Wisconsin