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Seminar Transfer Procedure

To transfer from one seminar to another please sign into your online Profile and access your Registration Status page. The seminar you are currently registered for is listed at your Registration Status page (near the bottom of your information) with a "Transfer" link next to it. Click the transfer link and follow the steps to move to a different seminar.


  • You cannot self-transfer on the date of the seminar. Once the date arrives the roster is locked and cannot be changed by anyone other than the Coordinator.
  • Self-transfers can only be done into seminars at the same level. You can self-transfer between two Level 2 seminar, but you cannot self-transfer from a Level 3 to a Level 2. See contact Coordinator instructions below.
  • While most seminars are easy to locate within the system, some areas have given their seminars unique titles. Please look for State, Levels, or Cities when you do your searches.
  • Not all seminars are listed as individual-level seminars. Some might be listed as Level 1 or Level 3, while others might be a multiple-level seminar which might be listed as a Level 1 & 2 Seminar.

All rosters are maintained by Local, State, and District Seminar Coordinators. There is a "Contact Coordinator" link at the logistics page of the seminar listing in the Seminar Catalog, or you can reach out to your Local Supervisor of Officials or Local Seminar Coordinator by using the District Directory listed under the OFFICIALS tab at the homepage.

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