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Seminar Registration




Click Here to Register for USA Hockey

Welcome to the Officiating Seminar page. All USA Hockey Officials must attend an entire seminar (Classroom & Ice) each year to complete their registration.

Please use the seminar catalog to locate a seminar in your area. If you do not see a seminar scheduled in your area please contact your Local Supervisor or Seminar Coordinator using the link posted below.

Seminar Registration in most USA Hockey Districts is done through the online USAH Seminar Registration Tool, and will require a Profile to complete.

Your Profile is a website profile and does not require any membership (player, coach, official, etc.) to create, and registration as a member of USAH does not automatically create a website profile.

Note: USA Hockey Central District officials must use a separate link to find seminars located in Central District 

All questions regarding Seminar Schedules and Seminar Registration should be directed to your District or State staff. Profile Login

Click here to sign into (or create) your Profile (Note: USAH Membership Registration does not automatically create an online Profile).

Age Restriction (13+) to Create a Profile

Due to Federal COPPA Laws (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) USA Hockey is not allowed to take personal information via the internet from any person under the age of thirteen. Therefore, anyone under thirteen who tries to create a profile will be declined. Furthermore, using a phony birthday will not work since their profile will not match their USAH Membership Database information and they will not receive proper credit for their seminars.

Therefore, all under-age officials are directed to contact the Seminar Coordinator in their area and ask to be added as a “walk-up” for the seminar. You may do this by clicking the Contact Coordinator link at the seminar listing at the catalog.

Central District Seminar Schedules

Central District seminar registration is available separately, by CLICKING HERE.

USA Hockey Seminar Schedule Catalog (non-Central District)