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With Fresh Start in Indiana, Goalie Hayden Stewart is Thriving

03/27/2014, 6:00pm MDT
By Tom Robinson - Special to

Hayden Stewart faced the uncertainty for less than 24 hours.

After being released by the Dubuque Fighting Saints in January, Stewart convinced himself that he needed to view his situation as an opportunity to go somewhere else and get a fresh start.

Stewart could not have been more correct.

The 19-year-old Cornell University recruit from Rockford, Ill. soon received word that he had been picked up by the Indiana Ice, the top team in the top league in U.S. junior hockey.

“When I found out I was picked up, I was really excited,” Stewart said. “We were in first place, so I knew I was going to a good team that had a good chance to win the championship this year.

“Any time you’re picked up by a team like that, it’s really exciting.”

Stewart quickly joined a hot team and made them even hotter.

“When I first got here, the guys and the coaches did a great job of opening up, accepting me into the team and making me feel like one of the guys right away,” Stewart said. “It was a great environment. I could tell right away that we had such a great team concept.”

The Ice — and their new goalie — have reversed their fates from a year ago. Indiana, a last-place team last season, is coming off a big weekend in which Stewart earned USHL Goaltender of the Week honors for the second time in the last three weeks and the third time in the last seven weeks.

The Ice clinched the Eastern Conference title and moved into first place in the race for the Anderson Cup, the USHL’s overall regular-season title, by passing the Western Conference-leading Waterloo Black Hawks.

Stewart has been a big part of that success, and the chance to play with the Ice has been a big part of his turnaround. He was a .500 goalie with average statistics last season with the Corpus Christi Chill of the North American Hockey League.

Through 42 games with two other teams in two leagues over the two previous seasons, Stewart had never posted a shutout in junior hockey. He had one with Dubuque this season, but Stewart was let go amidst a four-game losing streak in which he had allowed six goals twice and was replaced early another time.

Now Stewart is on the longest winning streak in Indiana team history and the most successful run he has experienced as a goalie on any level of hockey.

Stewart has four shutouts, all in the last eight starts, to produce an 0.83 goals-against average and a .963 save percentage with the Ice. Counting his numbers from Dubuque, Stewart has climbed from the bottom half of the league’s goalie statistical rankings to second in shutouts, GAA and save percentage.

“I’ve never had a stretch like that in my life,” Stewart said. “It’s good to kind of see that work I’ve put in and that everybody has put in with me has paid off.

“More importantly, the team I’m on is a great team. Everything they’ve done to help me is a big reason why I’ve had success.”

Stewart had 15 saves Friday in a 5-0 win over the Muskegon Lumberjacks, a team he played with two seasons ago and briefly last season. He followed that up with 23 more saves in a 5-2 win over Muskegon on Sunday in the game that put the Ice and its league-leading defense on top of the entire league.

“The biggest thing they do is they keep a lot of the shots to the outside,” Stewart said of his team’s defensive efforts. “Then, if there’s a rebound there, they always clear it out right away.

“We’re pretty stingy in front of the net. The other team’s players don’t get a free whack at it. There’s always someone on them. They’re always tied up and covered and that makes it easier for me.”

Story from Red Line Editorial, Inc.

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08/27/2015, 9:00am MDT
By Kelly Erickson

When it comes to women’s hockey, there is no argument that USA Hockey and Hockey Canada have the two premier programs in the world. Earlier this month, their young talent took to the ice in Lake Placid, New York, as a part of the U18 and U22 Select Series.

While there were several athletes on both teams who competed for their country in such an event for the first time, it also marked a special occasion for Melissa Szkola. An experienced official who has worked a handful of International Ice Hockey Federation events, Lake Placid marked her first USA-Canada affair. USA Hockey caught up with the Michigan native to talk about the amazing international experience and her evolving officiating career.

USA Hockey: What was it like to be a part of the U22 and U18 Select Series’

Melissa Szkola: The experience was wonderful. It was fantastic. We’ve essentially got the two best teams in the world competing against each other, so the learning experience, working with the officials that we have, is always amazing. You leave here a better person, a better official; that’s what we’re here for. That’s what I look forward to the most at these big-time events: the level of hockey and what you get out of it as a whole.

USAH: How did you first get into officiating?

Szkola: It’s been nine years since I got my start. I was a competitive figure skater and my older brother played hockey, so I’ve always been around the game, but it was my husband who actually got me into the officiating side of it. When we started dating, he was a roller and ice hockey official. He asked me to come with one time and I said ‘okay.’ That’s how I got started. It’s something he and I have in common and he is my biggest supporter. I wouldn’t be here without him.

USAH: So nine years under your belt, how would you describe some of your past IIHF events?

Szkola: I’ve had a handful of experiences with international tournaments. Each one has brought a new set of skills to my plate. You learn a lot about yourself and you learn a lot from your supervisors from different countries as well. To get out and work with other female officials and learn from them and your supervisors is amazing.

Being in another country, where sometimes there aren’t people who even speak English, is a really unique experience as well. The communication that you learn to speak with non-English speaking officials really makes you appreciate what you have in common – hockey.

USAH: How did the Select Series compare to those events?

Szkola: The level of play, it’s definitely much higher at the Select Series than any of the championships that I’ve been to. I wouldn’t say that the intensity is much different, because at each level they are competing for their highest achievement. The intensity is the same, the importance is the same, but the level of play is definitely much better; it’s faster, it’s crisper. Your awareness just has to be that much higher.

USAH: Did calling a game with high-caliber players like those at the Select Series shake up any nerves?

Szkola: I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous before we got on the ice. I’ve watched Team USA and Team Canada compete before, so you know the level at which they intend to play. Being out there with it, you just know where the emotions can go sometimes. It was a little nerve-wracking before the start, but as soon as that puck drops, you have a job to do. USA Hockey does a fantastic job developing us; I feel like they wouldn’t put you out there if you weren’t ready. Once that puck drops, you’re kind of at home.

USAH: What’s next for your officiating future?

Szkola: The support that I have, not only from my hometown in Michigan, but also the support and development USA Hockey has given really sets you up for success if you want to take it in that direction. That is my goal. I do want to skate in the Olympics. Moving forward I am going to continue to improve upon each experience that I have, because you can always be better. Mistakes do get made, so you learn from those and improve yourself. 

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