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ATO - January 30, 2014

01/30/2014, 2:45pm MST
By Ask the Official

Question: What type of penalty is assessed for Boarding with no injury in a non-checking game?

Rule 603 in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
A minor plus a misconduct or major plus game misconduct penalty shall be assessed to any player who commits any action that causes an opponent to be thrown violently into the boards.

“Rolling” an opponent along the boards where he is attempting to go through too small an opening is not considered boarding.”

There is no difference in penalty options during a Body Contact only game.

Question: A goal is scored. After the goal, the referee notices there was too many players on the ice by the scoring team. Is it still a goal?

Answer: If the officials are 100% certain that the scoring team had too many players on the ice prior to the goal then the goal should be disallowed and the proper penalty assessed.

Question: Is there any kind of rule that penalizes a player for what might be called "verbal interference"? Such as calling for the puck when the opposing team has possession in an attempt to deceive the opponent into passing you the puck, or calling out "Icing!" to an opponent when the official has waved it off in order to cause him to stop his attempt at the puck ?

There is no rule in the USA Hockey Playing Rules that prevents a player from calling for the puck from anyone.

Question: Can the officials assess a penalty to a team if the parents are yelling and causing problems from the bleachers?

Answer: There is no rule in the USA Hockey Playing Rules that allows an official to assess a penalty to a team due to the behavior of spectators. However, spectators can be removed with the help of the team that they represent.

Question: If a goaltender does not show up, can the team pick a player to be the goaltender with goaltender privileges and restrictions (e.g. cover the puck in the crease without being charged with a penalty shot)?

The glossary of the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
Temporary Goalkeeper - A player not designated as a goalkeeper on the Official Scoresheet who assumes that position when no designated goalkeeper is able to participate in the game. He is governed by goalkeeper privileges and limitations and must return as a “player” when a designated goalkeeper becomes available to participate in the game.”

A player may be designated as a temporary goalkeeper if no other goalkeeper is available to the team. He must abide by all restrictions of normal goalkeepers and is entitled to the privileges. Once designated at the beginning of the game, he may not be switched with any other player either during play or during a stoppage.


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