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ATO - January 10, 2014

01/10/2014, 11:30am MST
By Ask the Official

Question: The referee has his arm up for a delayed penalty; the goaltender skates toward his bench for an extra player.  With the goaltender still about 5 feet away from the bench, the extra player jumps onto the ice and plays the puck. Is this a Too Many Players penalty or an illegal goalie substitution? Where should the face-off be?

A goalkeeper must be at the team bench before an extra player may enter the ice. If the extra player enters the ice too early the officials should wait until the offending team has procession of the puck and then stop play for “Premature Substitution of the Goalkeeper”. There is no penalty for this situation. The faceoff is either located at center ice (if play is stopped on the offending team’s attacking half of the ice), or at the “last play” location (if play is stopped on the offending team’s defending half of the ice).

Question: Is it legal for a coach to be on the ice during warm-ups (in skates) to warm up the goalkeeper while the kids do their warm up skate?

Answer: A coach may be on the ice during warm-ups provided he/she wears skates and a helmet.

Question: If there is a clock issue and the horn is sounding randomly during the period and cannot be, how is this to be treated? Are the players to play through the horn or should a whistle be blown every time and play stopped

Answer: The officials should stop play if a premature horn sounds. If this occurs frequently, the officials should consider suspending the game due to rink defect and file a report to their Supervisor of Officials. The supervisor will pass the report to the host association who will decide the outcome of the game (reschedule, terminate, etc.).

Question: Do High School players have to wear mouth guards?

Answer: All players at the Youth and Girls 12 & Under Level and above (including High School) must wear a mouthpiece during games.

Question: If a player is ejected from a tournament game due to receiving five penalties, does this player have to sit another game? What happens if the game is a league game?

Answer: All suspensions and other forms of discipline are handled by the local governing body (Local Hockey Association, League, Affiliate, etc.) of the player or team. Therefore, we recommend contacting them to receive an answer to this question. Your team should have contact information for the disciplinary body in your area.


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