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ATO - January 3, 2014

01/03/2014, 10:45am MST
By Ask the Official

QUESTION: A face-off is located in an end-zone just inside the blue line.  At the face-off, the defending center sends the puck all the way down the ice.  Please explain why this wouldn't be considered icing.

ANSWER: Rule 624(b)3 in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“Icing shall be nullified if any of the following conditions have been met:

3. The puck travels the length of the ice as a result of either player participating in a face-off.”

If the defending team’s center shoots the puck down the ice directly off the faceoff then icing should be nullified.

QUESTION: During a game the goaltender lost his stick. He was given a stick by a teammate. Then a teammate retrieved the stick and laid it down in front of the goalie. Would this be deliberately piling obstacles near the goal and then be a violation of rule 610(g)? 

ANSWER: If the defenseman laid the stick on the ice for the purpose of giving the stick to his goalkeeper then this would not violate Rule 610(g). The “spirit and intent” of Rule 610(g) is to prevent a goalkeeper from piling snow or other obstacles in front of the goal to gain an unfair advantage in preventing a goal.

QUESTION: Is there a USA Hockey procedure where an official can file a formal complaint about a coach, or are penalties his only recourse? If penalties are his only recourse how many bench minor penalties shall be assessed before the coach can be ejected from the game?

ANSWER: Any coach who violates USAH Playing Rule 601 may be assessed a Bench Minor penalty. If they continue their behavior prior to the expiration of the Bench Minor they should be assessed a Game Misconduct. If the behavior continues after the Bench Minor expires then the official must assess another Bench Minor.

If the coach's behavior is detrimental but does not directly violate the playing rules, the official can file a Game Report through his Local Supervisor of Officials to the Local Hockey Association or LEague that governs the team.

QUESTION: I assessed a penalty for hooking. On the way to the penalty box, he started using abusive language. I assessed and additional two minutes for unsportsmanlike. He kept it up and I gave him a misconduct. A veteran official said I should have started with the misconduct. What is the correct call

ANSWER: If a player uses abusive or foul language in protest of a call he must be assessed a minor penalty for Unsportsmanlike Conduct. If his behavior persists, the official should assess a Misconduct penalty. The only time an official should initially assess a Misconduct penalty for Abuse of Officials is when the abusive or foul language is not directly related to a call.

QUESTION: Team A shoots the puck. Team B’s goalie makes the save but gives up a rebound. While the goalie is out of position, Team A shoots the rebound towards the goal.  The puck hits off a defenseman who then intentionally rolls on top of the puck.  The referee blows the play dead because the puck is not seen.  Is this considered a penalty shot under 614(b)?

ANSWER: The referee should award a penalty shot anytime a defending player intentionally covers a puck (making it unplayable) located in the crease.


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