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ATO - December 13, 2014

12/13/2013, 12:00pm MST
By Ask the Official

Question: I was told that Body Contact is a penalty at the 10 & Under level. Is this true?

Answer: Body Contact is allowed at all levels of USA Hockey. Body Checking is only allowed at the Youth 14 & Under level and above.

Question: I would like to know if there is any rule against putting stickers on my son’s helmet.

Answer: There is no rule that disallows stickers to be applied to helmets. However, the HECC Certification sticker should be left on the helmet to verify the certification of the helmet and when to replace it.

Question: Does a coach need to have a helmet on while assisting an injured player or while walking through the handshake line?

Answer: A coach does not have to wear a helmet on the ice for handshakes or injured players. These situations are very different than a practice or warm-up situation where players and pucks are constantly moving around.

Question: We had a fight during an adult game. One of the players tried to remove the others helmet by pulling it forward in front of his eyes. The player then could not see so he took he removed his helmet so he could see during the fight. Should the player who tried to take off the other player’s helmet be given a Match penalty or does the helmet need to come completely off before that penalty can be assessed?

Answer: A player must remove his opponent’s (or his own) helmet completely off his head for a Game Misconduct (Adults) or Match penalty (Youth) to be assessed during an altercation. The player responsible for removing the helmet would receive the match penalty.

Question: The bench is shouting about a player who is engaged in play with a stick missing the wooden plug from the butt-end of the stick. My partner and I scan the ice and cannot make visual determination that the player is in fact playing with the stick missing the plug. We allow play to continue and do not assess any penalties. After play is stopped, I find the 6" plug portion of the stick behind the net and trace it back to the offending player who has since replaced the stick. Since this does not involve a measurement and officials did not observe the actual violation, can any violations be assessed after the fact?

Answer: If a player is participating in play with a broken stick it must be witnessed by the official either during play or after the whistle (before the player has reached the bench). This same guideline applies to a team requesting a stick measurement on an opponent’s stick.

If the official suspects that a player might be using a broken stick during play he/she may certainly check the stick after the whistle. After seeing the hole for the missing plug, the penalty could have been assessed (USAH Rule 301a).

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