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ATO - December 6, 2013

12/06/2013, 7:00pm MST
By Ask the Official

Question: Is there a USA hockey rule for how many games a ref can work on a given day?

​Answer: USA Hockey does not have any rules regarding assigning and how many games an official can work in a day. There are too many factors to consider when making this decision including,

•    Age and Physical Fitness of the official
•    Level of games
•    Time between games
•    Overall demand for game officials
•    Number of opportunities for entire officiating community
•    Etc.

Ideally, an official should not be excessively tired or mentally burned-out during a game. Additionally, higher levels games should not be scheduled exclusively to higher levels officials. Otherwise, younger officials will not receive development opportunities and may lose interest (hurting long term development).

For more information regarding the assignment process in your area we encourage you to contact your Local Officials Association or Local Assignor.

Question: A player high sticks the puck out of play. Where is the faceoff ?? The high sticking the puck infraction was never completed because the puck went directly out of play so I'm thinking a faceoff should be conducted at spot of high stick.

Answer: Situation #8 on Page 248 of the USA Hockey Playing Rules Casebook states,

“The puck is deflected directly out of the rink by an attacking player’s high stick in his Attacking Zone. Where is the ensuing face-off?

At an end face-off spot in the offending player’s Defending Zone. Rule Reference 621(c).

Even though no player has subsequently played the puck after the infraction, the intent of the high stick rule is to keep the sticks below the height of the shoulder. The violation would be considered to be complete as soon as the puck became unplayable.”

Question: Do you publish the ‘most missed questions’ as you have done in the past?

Answer: The 2013-14 Open Book Exam and Answer Key will be published at the Open Book Exam page of the Officials section of after the 2013-14 Registration Season ends (mid-May). They will remain posted until July 1st, 2014.

CLOCK TIME     TEAM A                  TEAM B
12:45                  #5 – 5min + 2min    #11 – 2min + 2min

How would this be served?

Answer: Since minors on each team should cancel. Each team would place an additional player in the penalty bench. Play would resume 4 v. 4 for two minutes and then 5 v. 4 for the remaining time in the major.

Player #5 would serve his entire seven minutes of penalty time, and #11 would serve his entire four minutes. Both players would exit the penalty bench at the first stoppage after their penalties expire.

Question: When should anchor pegs be placed in the goal frame for games.

Answer: USA Hockey does not have any official policy regarding the use of goal pegs. The decision of what playing levels should use them is left to the Local Associations, Team Officials, and Game Officials to make with the best interests of fair play and player safety in mind. We recommend contacting your local Youth Association to receive more information about their policies.

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