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ATO - November 27, 2013

11/27/2013, 12:15pm MST
By Ask the Official

Question: Is there any way to receive a replacement officiating card?

Answer: Please contact Helen Fenlon ( at the USA Hockey National Office to request a replacement card. Your request should include,

•    Full Name (as registered with USAH)
•    USAH Officiating Number or Date-of-Birth
•    Current Mailing Address

Question: When a player is assessed a minor plus misconduct penalty do they run together or does the misconduct start after the minor penalty is over

Answer: If a player receives a Minor and Misconduct penalty he must serve the entire twelve minutes (2+10) consecutively. The additional player his team must place in the box is serving the shorthanded time (not the Minor itself). Since the Minor penalty must be served first (and posted on the penalty clock) the additional player is in the box so their team will have someone available to leave the penalty box and enter the game at the end of the Minor.

If the opposing team scores during the shorthanded Minor penalty time, the Minor is immediately terminated and the Misconduct penalty begins. In other words, the player who received the penalties will be released at the first whistle after ten minutes after the goal.

Question: I was wondering what the penalty for a missing mouthpiece is?  I was told it's a misconduct penalty and play still remains 5 vs. 5.

Answer: If a player participates in the game without a mouthpiece the player should be sent to the player’s bench and be substituted for. The referee shall issue a “team” warning at that time. From that point, any player on that team that participates without a mouthpiece shall be assessed a ten minute misconduct penalty. The player shall enter the penalty bench and his team may immediately place a substitute on the ice (play remains 5 v. 5).

Question: Please explain to me the USA Hockey rules with regard to shaking hands before a game. I think it sets a good example for good sportsmanship and should be mandatory.

Answer: There are no formal USA Hockey Playing Rules regarding handshakes. Teams may decide to shake hands either before or after a game.

Question: The goalie covered the puck and the official whistled play dead. Attacking players continued to try to force the puck into the net. Once the official cleared the players away, the goalie had the puck under his glove put had been pushed into the goal, and a goal was allowed.  Should the play have been called a goal?

Answer: The USA Hockey Playing Rules Committee have given the interpretation that play stops when the referee decides to blow the whistle. Therefore, if the goalkeeper had control of the puck outside the goal when the whistle blew then a goal cannot happen if the puck crosses the goal line after the whistle.

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