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Week 10 - November 15-21, 2013

11/15/2013, 9:15am EST
By Ask the Official

Question: While officiating a game this past weekend I assessed a minor penalty and then proceeded to assess an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty to the same player for slamming and throwing his stick into the penalty box. Later, I was told by the coach that I can’t call that as an Unsportsmanlike minor and I should have given him misconduct. Was my original call correct?

Answer: Situation #3 on Page 197 in the USA Hockey Casebook states,
“What is the proper sequence of penalties to be assessed to a player who continues to verbally abuse an Official or who persists in disputing a call?

Minor, misconduct, game misconduct, warning to the Captain, bench minor penalty.

Rule References 601(a.1, c.1 and e.1) and 633(a).”

If the behavior is in response to a call, the proper call is a minor penalty for Unsportsmanlike Conduct. Otherwise, a Misconduct penalty must be assessed.

Question: A player from Team A shot the puck in the air from their defending zone resulting in the Back Official indicating Icing. While the puck was in the air traveling down the ice, a player from Team B deflected the puck with a high stick. The puck traveled down the ice and crossed the Team B goal line. Would the Team B player’s actions nullify the Icing?

Answer: In this situation the actions of the Team B player (high sticking the puck) would nullify the icing. Therefore the icing would be waived and play would continue with a “potential” high sticking call again Team B.

Question: While one player was at the bench but not off the ice, the player replacing him played the puck. Could any of the six players involved (including the player leaving the ice) serve the Bench Minor?

Answer: All six players are eligible to serve the bench minor for Too Many Players.

Question: An attacking player plays the puck with his hand in the attacking zone. A defending player can play the puck first but decides he does not want to.  Eventually players come together but neither team wants to play the puck. If neither team plays the puck should the official stop play, and if so where should the face-off be located?

Answer: If the non-offending team refuses to play the puck and nullify the hand-pass then play should be stopped and the face-off would be located in the neutral zone. The non-offending team is not obligated to play the puck.

Question: One player on Team A receives one minor penalty, and another player on Team A receives a double minor penalty simultaneously (play is now 5 v. 3). One minute into the power-play Team B scores. Which penalty expires?

Answer: Team A would have “Captains Choice” as to whether they wish to continue 5 v. 3 for one minute (then 5 v. 4 for one), or 5 v. 4 for three minutes.

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