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Week 9 - November 8-14, 2013

11/08/2013, 7:45pm EST
By Ask the Official

Question: What is the penalty for a player that makes racially derogatory remarks to another player during the course of the game?

Answer: Rule 601(e)2 in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states that a Game Misconduct must be assessed to any player who uses derogatory racial or ethnic remarks before, during, or after a game. The official should either file a Game Report with his Supervisor of Officials (who will forward the report to the team’s hockey association), or make a note on the game sheet. The Local Hockey Association of the offending player will decide what further discipline to impose if any.

Question: If one team fails to arrive and the team that is present wants to split into two teams and scrimmage are the officials obligated to stay and officiate the scrimmage?

Answer: We sugest sending this question to your Local Officials Association or Local Assignor since this questions relates to game assignments and game fees. USA Hockey does not establish policy for assignments (only recommends) or game fees. Instead this is left to the local officials to work out with the local hockey association.

Question: During my game, there were several instances where the opponents were using their sticks to impede the ability of our players to stick handle the puck while advancing to the opposing zone.  Does USA Hockey have a rule as the NHL does for holding the stick or is it up to the officials to determine whether the call is for holding, interference, or hooking?


Answer: The USA Hockey Playing Rules require officials to penalize any type of hooking or holding infractions that impede an opponent from gaining or maintaining procession of the puck.

Question: Would you please distinguish Rule 627(a) vs. (b) [Kicking]. What is a “push off” vs. what is a normal kick?

Answer: A good example of a “push off” would be if two opposing players fell to the ice together and one player uses his foot to push the opponent away (or off) from him. Using the skate to push a player away is considered a dangerous act and it should be penalized with a Major plus Game Misconduct. In all other cases where a player deliberately kicks another player a Match penalty must be assessed.

Question: Where should I go or who should I talk to for a replacement patch?

Answer: All USA Hockey Officials may purchase an additional or replacement Crest for $5.00. Please send a check or money order (Payable to: USA Hockey Officiating Program) to:

USA Hockey Officiating Program
Attn: Helen Fenlon
1775 Bob Johnson Drive
Colorado Springs, CO  80906

Please add a letter of request that includes:

-Your USA Hockey Officiating Number

-Your mailing address

-Contact information (email, phone #, etc.)

‚ÄčPLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH. Once we receive your purchase request and payment we will be happy to send you a new Crest.

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