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Week 8 - November 1-7, 2013

11/01/2013, 7:30am EDT
By Ask the Official

Question: When one minor penalty is assessed to each team what determines whether it will be 4 v. 4 or 5 v. 5?

Answer: In any case where minor penalties are called on each team and can cancel each other out, on-ice strength should resume 5 v. 5 (or remain unchanged).

Question: If the goalkeeper leaves his stick in front of the goal before skating to the bench to substitute for an extra player, what is the penalty?

Answer: Situation #14 on Page 264 of the USA Hockey Playing Rules Casebook states,
“The goalkeeper, in the act of proceeding to his players’ bench, leaves his stick in front of the goal. What happens if the attacking team shoots the puck which hits the goalkeeper’s stick, while the goalkeeper is still in the act of leaving the ice?

A goal shall be awarded. Rule Reference 625(c).

For a goal to be awarded, the goalkeeper must either be in the act of leaving the ice or actually off the ice.”

Question: What is the rule where a goalie crosses the red line to go to his/her bench during a stoppage of play?

Answer: Rule 205(c) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules states,
“During a stoppage of play a goalkeeper may not go to his players’ bench without the permission of the Referee unless he is substituted for by another player or goalkeeper.
When a substitution for the goalkeeper has been made under this rule, the goalkeeper shall not resume his position until the next stoppage of play, except that he shall be permitted immediate re-entry into the game when any penalty is imposed.
For a violation of this rule a bench minor penalty for illegal substitution shall be assessed.”

Question: I was reading through the off-ice officiating guide and noted a reference that allows for electronic score keeping instead of the traditional score sheets. Are there packages in the market that facilitate this? Under what circumstances are electronic score sheets allowed rather than using the traditional paper based score sheets?

Answer: A few different online electronic scorekeeping services have been developed over the past few years. PointStreak.com may be the most widely used. Ultimately, the decision to use this type of system would lie with the Local Hockey Association. USA Hockey has no preference.

Question:  Player A was assessed a double minor penalty.  As the first penalty expired, the opposing team scored a goal (penalty clock read 2:00 remaining on the penalty). Does the second penalty expire and does play resume 5 v. 5?

Answer: If the penalty clocks reads 2:00 (in other words one minor to be served), then the remaining penalty would terminate with the goal. However, if the penalty clock reads 2:01 he is out of luck.

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