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Week 7 - October 25-31, 2013

10/25/2013, 4:45pm EDT
By Ask the Official

Question: My son who is 3' 11" had a goal that he deflected disallowed for playing the puck with a high stick. He made contact with the puck around his shoulder height although his stick did start higher than the crossbar. Was this just an unfortunate call or is the rule different between NHL and youth hockey

Answer: Under USA Hockey Playing Rules a player may not make contact with a puck that is above the normal height of his/her shoulder. The cross-bar is not a factor in determining whether the goal is legal.

Question: What is the rule regarding the minimum number of officials for a 12 & Under game?

Answer: While USA Hockey does endorse the Three Official System at the 12 & Under level, the ultimate decision lies with the Local Officials Association and Local Hockey Association to decide.

Question: Our association had a tournament with Canadian pee-wee teams participating. The American teams are required to have mouth-guards but I was told that the Canadians do not. Is this true?

Answer: Under the current agreement between USA Hockey and Hockey Canada when a team crosses the border they must play by the host-association’s playing rules. The one exception is equipment. The teams must wear the equipment as required by their own governing body.

Question: During a chippy game, the home team received a "double minor" for Boarding and the volunteer scorekeeper recorded the penalty as a three minute Boarding penalty. When the total number of penalties was tabulated the home team had fourteen total penalties. My specific question is, how many penalties does the “double minor” count as? 

Answer: Double minor penalties should always be recorded as two separate penalties on the game sheet and count as two separate penalties towards the cumulative penalty rules. That being stated, a Double Minor is not a penalty option for a Boarding infraction. The only options are Minor plus Misconduct and Major plus Game Misconduct (or Match if deemed a deliberate attempt at injury).

Question: Our coach was suspended due to fifteen penalties last night. He says it is not written that he cannot participate in pre-game locker room discussion with team. I want to insure we are following correctly. Please let me know.

Answer: Since suspensions and other forms of discipline are handled by the Local Governing Body of the team (League, Hockey Association, Affiliate, etc.) we encourage you to forward this question to them. As a general guideline, USA Hockey interprets “not directing the play of his team” as not having contact with the team thirty minutes prior to game time, through the game, and up to thirty minutes after the game.

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