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Week 6 - October 18-24, 2013

10/17/2013, 3:15pm EDT
By Ask the Official

Question: Could you please let me know if there are any rules prohibiting a youth hockey coach from ordering players to switch jerseys during a hockey tournament in order to deceive the other team from targeting a another player?

Answer: A player may wear any sweater number they wish as long their name and number are correct on the game roster at the beginning of the game.

Question: During a game a player on my team was assessed a minor plus misconduct. At the time there was less than ten minutes left in the game, so the player left the ice. After he left, the referee informed us that someone would need to serve his misconduct. I had never heard of player serving a misconduct penalty for another player.

Answer: If a player is assessed a Minor plus Misconduct and decides to leave the game the team must place a substitute player in the penalty bench to serve the Minor penalty only.

Question: At 10:00, Player X of Team A receives a minor penalty. At 9:30, Player Y of Team A receives a minor and a major penalty. How are the penalties recorded and displayed on the scoreboard?

Answer: Since Team A is already short-handed due to the original minor (Player X) and the penalties that are assessed (2 + 5) are assessed to the same player, Team A would be shorthanded by two players until Player X’s penalty expires (then it would move to 5 v. 4).

Furthermore, Player Y’s penalties would be recorded as two separate penalties on the score sheet, but would be placed on the penalty clock as 7:00. The Major penalty would be served first.

Question: The officials blew the play dead because they lost sight of the puck. I was the goalkeeper and when I was getting up I knocked the puck into my net. Was that a legal goal, or not?

Answer: A goal cannot be allowed if it enters the net after the whistle.

Question: Is it a violation of USA Hockey policy for a referee to officiate the game of a blood relative?

Answer: USA Hockey does discourage assignors from assigning officials to games that involve relatives or close friends. However, certain circumstances do arise (illness, broken car, late-minute assignment, etc.) that make this unavoidable. The only other option might be to cancel the game.

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