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Week 5 - October 11-17, 2013

10/12/2013, 12:15am EDT
By Ask the Official

Question: A delayed tripping penalty is signaled at the very end of a game. The whistle was never blown because the horn ended the game before the offending team gained possession of the puck.  Should a penalty shot be awarded?

Answer: If an infraction occurs at the end of the game that meets the criteria for awarding a penalty shot then the penalty shot is taken in the normal manner. However, a normal tripping foul (no loss of scoring opportunity) does not suddenly turn into a penalty shot scenario just because the game ended.

Question: Must a penalized player remain in the penalty box between periods? I was unable to find anything in the rule book except for time-outs.

Answer: A penalized player may return to his bench during an intermission between periods (similar to going to the locker room). He may not return during a time-out.

Question: Do officials get reviewed periodically or is this review/feedback process only done with newer, less experienced officials?

Answer: All USA Hockey Officials (regardless of level or experience) should be reviewed by a trained USA Hockey Officiating Program Evaluator periodically. The evaluation process is designed to be positive and educate the official on how to improve techniques and eliminate bad habits.

That being stated, due to the limited number of trained evaluators available not all officials are evaluated each season. However, we encourage any official who wishes to be seen to reach out to their District or State Evaluation Coordinator, or their District Referee-in-Chief.

Question: If a player receives a major plus game misconduct penalty how long does the player stay in the box?

Answer: If a player receives a Major plus Game Misconduct (or Match), the offending player would be ejected from the game and the team would place an additional player in the penalty bench immediately to be released after the Major expires.

Question: A team due to injuries and penalties can only place three skaters plus the goalie on the ice.  Their on-ice numerical strength is four. Is the game allowed to continue or is it suspended?

Answer: Once a team reaches the point where they cannot place three players plus a goalkeeper (or four players) on the ice due to penalties or injuries the game is declared a forfeit.

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