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Week 4 - October 4-10, 2013

10/04/2013, 10:30am EDT
By Ask the Official

Question: Should a referee call “Too Many Players” right after a face-off when he dropped the puck with too many skaters on the ice?

Answer: While each team is responsible for placing the proper number of players on the ice prior to the face-off it is the responsibility of the officials to make sure the proper number of players are on the ice prior to dropping the puck. Therefore, if the official drops the puck and then notices that Team A has too many players on the ice, he should stop play immediately and fix the line-up without assessing a penalty.

Question: I volunteered to work the penalty bench for one of my son's games. My son is the goalie and each game I track his save performance on my iPad. This particular game I was doing the same, but the referee stated that no electronic devices are allowed in the penalty bench. Is this true?

Answer: The Electronic Devices rule (USAH Rule 308) in the USA Hockey Playing Rules prohibits Team Officials and parents from using radios (or similar communication devices) to communicate with players during the game, and using iPad video to question officials’ judgment. There is nothing wrong with using the iPad as a teaching tool for players.

Question: We have had officials telling us that our children cannot play if the HECC helmet sticker has expired. Is this a rule?

Answer: All Youth and Girls players must wear a HECC approved helmet. The Hockey Equipment Certification Council runs a series of rigorous test to ensure all certified helmets meets the highest safety standards. However, helmets do lose their integrity over time due to sweat and general wear and tear. This is why all HECC Stickers have an expiration date. Therefore, to ensure the safety of all participants USA Hockey strongly encourages all parents and coaches to make sure no player is wearing an expired helmet on the ice. If a HECC Sticker is expired, then the helmet should be replaced at the earliest convenience.

Question: There is a delayed penalty on Team A in their defensive zone. Team B has possession and control of puck when a Team B player enters crease causing a stoppage for a crease violation. Does the face-off go outside to the neutral zone due to the crease violation, or does the face-off take place in the end-zone due to the penalty?

Answer: The face-off would be located at the nearest neutral zone face-off spot. An attacking team cannot create a violation of the playing rules and still have the face-off located inside the attacking zone.

Question: Does USA Hockey allow the use of Overdrive Blades for the side of goalie skates at the pee wee level?

Answer: The USA Hockey Playing Rules do not allow the use of Overdrive Blades on goalkeeper skates at any level.

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