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Week 3 - Sept. 27-Oct. 3, 2013

09/27/2013, 9:15am EDT
By Ask the Official

Question: Team A receives a minor penalty.  Team B skates on the power-play for approximately thirty seconds and then receives a minor penalty.  With roughly 25 seconds left in Team A’s original penalty Team B scores.  At this point should Team A's penalty terminate and Team A would then skate with a man advantage for the remaining time left on Team B's penalty?

Answer: A team is only allowed relief from a minor penalty if they are “short-handed” (below the numerical strength of their opponent) at the time of the goal. Therefore, since both teams were playing with four players (4 v. 4), there is no power-play and neither team gains a player after a goal.

Question: If a player intentionally “bowls over” the goalie but the puck crossed the goal line first, is it a goal?  In this example I am assuming the skater would have received a penalty because of his actions, such as charging, goalie interference, etc.

Answer: If a player legally shoots the puck into the goal prior to making contact with the goalkeeper then the goal should be awarded (legal shot and goal resulted). However, the attacking player must be penalized for Charging or Interference prior to the ensuing faceoff.

Question: In a game the opposing team’s net was moved by the goalie as the offensive player was skating with the puck behind the net. The offensive player scored a wrap-around goal. The referee waved off the goal.  The net only moved a couple of inches laterally with the goal line.

Answer: Play should be stopped anytime the goal frame is dislodged from its normal position. Sometimes the referee might not notice it immediately; however this does not mean a goal can be scored while the net is out of position. If the referee notices the goal is dislodged prior to the puck entering the goal, he/she should disallow the goal.

Question: During a game, the attacking player split the two defensemen through the neutral zone. After entering the attacking zone on a break-away, both defenders threw their stick at him simultaneously, not allowing him to get off a shot. Could the referee award two penalty shots?

Answer: Only one penalty shot can be awarded during a single play. Therefore the correct call would be to award one penalty shot and assess a minor penalty for the other infraction. The offending team’s captain would select which player is assessed the minor, and the minor is not terminated if the penalty shot is successful.

Question: Is there a penalty for Delay of Game when a player shoots the puck from his defensive end-zone out of the rink?

Answer: There is no rule in the USA Hockey Playing Rules that mandates a Delay of Game penalty if a defending player shoots the puck directly out of play from his defending zone, unless it is done intentionally for a stoppage of play. Other leagues use this rule, but USA Hockey does not.

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