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Week 2 - September 20-27, 2013

09/24/2013, 9:45am EDT
By Ask the Official


Question: The puck is shot towards the attacking zone by the attacking team at the center red line. As the puck enters the end-zone, it strikes off the linesman’s shin-guard and enters the empty net of the defending team. The goal is disallowed. Where should the face-off be located?

Answer: At the end-zone face-off spot closest to where the puck entered the goal. This play is not considered a stoppage caused by an attacking team.

Question: During an Adult Level game, two players start an altercation. One of the players grabs the facemask and removes the helmet of his opponent. What penalties should be assessed?

Answer: A major plus game misconduct must be assessed for grabbing the facemask (Holding), and an additional game misconduct must be assessed for removing an opponent’s helmet during an altercation. This penalty option for removing the helmet applies to Adult Level games only.

Question: A player reacts to losing a game by throwing his stick over the glass in the direction of spectators. After being assessed a game misconduct penalty the player protests that he did not see the spectators behind the glass. Should the game misconduct be reduced to a misconduct penalty?

Answer: No, the player is always held accountable for putting spectators at risk in this situation.

Question: A player body-checks an opponent with a high arm and makes elbow contact with the head of an opponent. Should this infraction be penalized for Elbowing or Head Contact?

Answer: A minor plus misconduct penalty should be assessed for Head Contact. The illegal contact happened as a result of a dangerous body-check, therefore the official should assess the more severe penalty.

Question: While battling for a puck in the corner, a player raises his arm and makes accidental elbow contact with an opponent’s head. Should this be penalized for Head Contact or Elbowing?

Answer: A minor penalty for elbowing should be assessed. This contact was not a result of an illegal body-check, therefore a minor penalty may be assessed as long as the contact was not deemed reckless or deliberate.

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