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Start the Offseason With Mobile Coach App

06/15/2015, 2:30am MDT

Available for iOS and Android phones and tablets

The USA Hockey Mobile Coach App is the perfect tool for your offseason.

This year's version of the application, available on Apple and Android devices, features several new developments:

  1. A new Android tablet version serves up the popular whiteboard, updated navigation and more.
  2. All videos, practice plans and skill manuals can be shared via email, Facebook and Twitter.
  3. All practice plans and skill manuals can be "pinned" to your device for viewing when not connected to the internet.
  4. Updated server increases download and navigation speed

Mobile Coach is a Free Download!

How to Purchase and Load Skills and Drills Videos

Screenshots are from an iPad but the process is the same on all devices.

Step 1

Start by either logging in if you have an account or simply click "Enter as a Guest"

Step 2

Click on "Videos" to see the library. White links are free while shaded links are available via an in-app purchase.

Step 3

Select a shaded video to load in-app purchases. All 800 videos cost only $8.99.


  • Practice plans
  • Small-Area Games
  • Dryland Training
  • Goaltending Drills & Videos
  • Body Contact Instruction
  • USA Hockey Manuals
  • Skills and Drills Videos
  • Custom Practice Plans

Getting Started

Step 1: Find the Mobile Coach application in the Apple App Store or on Google Play! Click "Enter as Guest" and you are ready.

Optional Step 2Create App Login | Login allows you to customize practice plans and save to your device or share with players, parents and other coaches.

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