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Week 1 - September 13-19, 2013

09/16/2013, 5:15pm EDT
By BJ Ringrose


Question: A coach calls the referee to the bench to ask a question. During the discussion, the coach pulls out his tablet computer and uses the video players to show the referee the hooking infraction he missed. The official correctly assesses the bench minor penalty. Should the referee remove the device from the bench?

Answer: No, the tablet computer may remain on the bench. The referee should not be responsible for securing and safely returning the device after the game. 

Question: The referee notices that #17 on the Red Team does not have a HECC Sticker on his helmet. What action should he take?

Answer: The referee should assess the player’s helmet and determine whether it is safe for play using the following guidelines, 

  • Are all the helmet’s safety components in place (ear-guards, facemask J-clips, etc.)?
  • Is the helmet free of excessive scratching, cracks, and general wear? 
  • Does the helmet look similar to models worn by other players?
  • Is the helmet being worn properly (fits well, chin-strap buckled, etc.)?

If the official can answer these questions with a “yes”, then the helmet should be considered safe for play and the player should be allowed to continue. 

Question: A player receives a minor plus misconduct for Boarding during the first period. During the third period, the same player receives a minor plus misconduct for Charging. The player is assessed a game misconduct for  receiving a second misconduct during the same game. Does the player receive an additional game misconduct for receiving five penalties during the same game?

Answer: No, the game misconduct is assessed in lieu of the second misconduct. Therefore, the player received four penalties total.

Question: May a parent with a camera occupy a team bench to take pictures? 

Answer: No, Rule 201(b) states that only players and properly credited Team Officials (up to four) may occupy the team bench. The game cannot continue until the unauthorized person is removed.

Question: May a parent with a camera occupy a penalty bench to take pictures?

Answer: No, Rule 507(c) states that only penalized players and off-ice officials may occupy a penalty bench. The game cannot continue until the unauthorized person is removed.

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