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Event-Based Positions Open with the Women's National Team

08/06/2013, 1:30pm MDT
By USA Hockey

The US Women’s National Team participates in several camps and tournaments (International and domestic) throughout the year.  We are seeking highly motivated, experienced, enthusiastic and dedicated professionals to support our program and participate in one or more of our National Team events in the following areas:

  • Equipment Manager
  • Video Coordinator/Coach
  • Team Leader


Our Women’s National Team is dedicated to leveraging the BEST in every area of our support team to ensure Team USA is surrounded by a highly skilled and passionate team of professionals. Many of the “BEST” in the field already work within our National Team Program. However, with the number of camps and events that we host or participate in, requires us to add more staff members to our existing team of professionals.

The US Women’s National Team is compiled of the most elite, skilled and motivated players in our sport, and we are expecting that all applicants have a matched level of professionalism and experience.


POSITION: National Team Equipment Manager: (APPLY)

  • Experience working in IIHF sanctioned events preferred
  • Previous or current experience working with a National Team, NHL Organization, Professional League, or Collegiate (Division 1) program is required
  • Ability to troubleshoot and adapt based on environment. Our events are held in a range of locations and with various levels of support. Being able to adjust and execute your role regardless of these unknown variables is critical.
  • Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
    • Maintaining a professional /organized appearance in our locker room
    • Team laundry
    • Skate sharpening
    • Equipment maintenance / repair
    • Maintaining/updating inventory : equipment, supplies, supplements, misc. team items
    • Coordinating with the following positions (Strength & Conditioning Coach, Athletic Trainer, Massage Therapist, Team Physician, Team Manager, Coaches) to ensure all items are packed and properly shipped to and from events

POSITION: National Team Video Coordinator: (APPLY)

  • A strong knowledge of hockey is required.
  • Experience working in IIHF sanctioned events preferred
  • Previous or current experience in one or more of the following: National Team, NHL, Professional, Collegiate (Division 1)
  • Proficient in the following software: XOS, XOS Thunder, HUDL, Rinknet, Final Cut Pro and Flexxcoach (drill design).
  • Ability to troubleshoot and adapt based on environment. Our events are held in a range of locations and with various levels of support. Being able to adjust and execute your role regardless of these unknown variables is critical.
  • Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
    • Live video breakdown during each game (and practices/scrimmages as needed)
    • Additionally, post game breakdown as directed by the coaching staff.
    • Utilize a variety of computer software skills to edit game footage and produce misc. team videos as needed.
    • Preparation and pre-scouting support.
    • Work with Player/Skill Development Staff to breakdown of player performance and habits.
    • Assist Coaching Staff / Hockey Operations as needed.

POSITION: Team Leader: (APPLY)  
The Team Leader role (is an event based position) that is designed to add general support to the existing/full time staff that works on behalf of our National Team during events. Troubleshooting, planning, and the ability to proactively manage a range of tasks are all major aspects of the role. Other requirements include:

  • A strong knowledge of hockey is required
  • Experience in a Team Management position (at the collegiate level or higher) preferred
  • Proficient in Microsoft Applications: Word, Power Point, Excel, Publisher
  • Strong ability to multitask/troubleshoot
  • Energetic / Team Player
  • A proactive approach to addressing and completing tasks
  • Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
    • Onsite point person for all schedule related activities/tasks (ensure meals, travel/transportation, access to conference rooms, etc., are all aligned with team needs).
    • Responsible for knowing the game protocol/clock countdown to assist in relaying key times to coaches and player.
    • Updating game cards prior to each game and printing prior to game
    • Assist with planning team activities (sight seeing, team meals off site, etc).
    • Helping track stats (as needed) during games
    • Help coordinate / relay any tournament or camp related updates/information to staff and players
    • Assist Hockey Ops as needed during games.

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Update on 2015-16 USA Hockey Officiating Registration

07/08/2015, 5:15pm MDT
By David LaBuda, USA Hockey National Referee-in-Chief

District Referees-in-Chief implement changes to registration procedures

As we enter the 2015-16 registration season for officials, I want to give an update of what changes to expect this season.

The Officials Section has been busy since the 2015 Winter Meeting, working on implementing the registration changes that were discussed and voted on by the district referees-in-chief, along with refining the testing and online seminar programs.

For 2015-16, there will be an informational video available before an official registers with USA Hockey outlining the requirements and commitment that an individual will need to fulfill in order to complete their registration.


Next, and a very important change, starting with this season, in order to register for a seminar, an official will have to first register as an official (online) with USA Hockey in order to gain access to the online program to register for a seminar.

This change was due to a number of individuals who would never register as an official with USA Hockey and then ‘no show’ to the seminar that they registered for, which frequently led to other registered officials being denied attendance at that seminar because the seating capacity had already been reached.

This change will provide more incentive for every individual who registers as an official -- and registers for a seminar -- to attend that seminar and complete the registration requirements.

The open-book testing process has also been modified for the coming season. What hasn’t changed is that a Level 1 official will still have to answer the first 50 questions, while Level 2, 3 & 4 officials will have to answer 100 questions. However, the passing score for a Level 2 official has been modified to 80 from 85. All other passing scores remain the same as last year. Those minimum passing scores are 35 for a Level 1 official and 90 for Levels 3 and 4.

While an official is taking the open-book exam, there will be immediate feedback provided after each answer is submitted. If the question was answered incorrectly, the rule reference for that missed question will be given with the appropriate rule book language.

After completing all of the required questions, a summary will be sent of all incorrect responses with their rule references. If a passing score is obtained, then the open-book exam requirement will be complete.

If the result is a failing score, after the seven-day waiting period has passed, the official will only have to retake those questions that were incorrectly answered on their first open-book exam. The retake questions will be based on the same rule reference as the originally missed questions, but will cover a different aspect of the rule.

Once all of the retake questions are answered, the number of correctly answered retake questions will be added to the original test score to hopefully obtain a passing grade. As a reminder, there is no third attempt to pass the open-book exam.

During the winter meeting, the Officials Section spent considerable time discussing seminar program feedback, and in particular, the online modules. All feedback was taken seriously and an action plan was discussed and adopted.

Two work groups were established to address the new classroom curriculums and to improve the online video modules. Both were comprised of grassroots members who could bring a grassroots perspective to their work. Both groups have completed their work and their recommendations have been adopted. The new shortened classroom curriculums have been distributed for application to this coming seminar season and the online modules are being re-engineered with improved formatting, better sequencing, animation replacing some video clips and reduction of music and voice-overs to allow the viewer to better focus on the presented material.

We’ve also evaluated the number of required modules for each level, and based on the user analytics that the first years’ experience produced, we have reduced the number of required modules in some cases.

Lastly, as a reminder, once an official begins their first online module, they will need to complete all of their online module training within a specified time period. The online module completion time periods are 60 days for Level 1 registered officials and 45 days for Levels 2, 3 and 4. If all of the required and elective modules are not completed within the specified time frame, the official will have to restart all of the module training from the beginning. This requirement was waived during last year’s registration season due to the delayed rollout of the online module program, but it’s back in place this year.

This completion requirement was put in place by the District RICs to encourage all officials to complete their registration as early as possible and to provide continuity in the overall seminar education process.

As a reminder, to complete an official’s registration an applicant must:

  • Register online with USA Hockey
  • Register and attend a classroom seminar (reduced attendance times depending on registration level)
  • Complete the required and elective online training modules within the required time frame
  • Pass the open-book exam at their registration level
  • Pass the closed-book exam (no closed-book exam at Level 1) for their registration level
  • Complete their online USA Hockey SafeSport training at the end of every two-year cycle


Work will continue on improving our educational programs, and as always, we will continue actively listening to your constructive feedback. Without your involvement and support as a community, we cannot continue moving forward.  Acknowledging that improvements were needed was only one step in the process.  Implementing those changes in a way that meets the needs of our officiating community is the next step and we’re excited to be taking that step.

Have a great 2015-16 season and as always, skate hard and have fun when you’re on the ice.

2016 Labatt Blue/USAH Pond Hockey Nationals Registration Info

07/27/2015, 12:00pm MDT

Date Announced, Popular Event Expected to Sell Out Quickly.

Tag(s): Women's National Team