Christy Gardner

An accomplished high school athlete, Christy Gardner participated in many different sports throughout her life and earned a scholarship to Long Island University for field hockey and lacrosse. After college, she enlisted in the army and was stationed in Korea, where she suffered injuries that ended her ability to play standard sports and almost left her unable to live on her own.

With months and years of rehabilitation and a faithful service dog named Moxie, Gardner has been able to regain her life and independence. She has also rediscovered her inner athlete through the sport of sled hockey.

Just two years ago, Gardner began playing and was brave enough to attend a camp in New Jersey for women sled hockey players after having only been on the ice in her sled twice. Over just a few short days, she showed great improvement, which lit a spark that has carried her far.  Over the past couple of years, her drive and dedication to the sport have enabled her to not only learn to play, but to excel.

Now, she acts as a mentor to other younger players on the team on and off the ice. She not only encourages them to practice and learn as much as they can about the sport, but models how to be a great friend, teammate and athlete.

Gardner and Moxie have travelled to every event over the past two years that the women’s sled hockey team has competed in. In January, she organized an event to bring the team to her hometown in Lewiston, Maine, where they played a series of games against the sled hockey team from University of New Hampshire.

She also plays for the USA Warriors and is the only female player on the military sled team.

Throughout the past year, Gardner has overcome many obstacles and has experienced many things she had not been able to since her injury.

Christy is the daughter of Norma Crowell.